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The Library Monkeys

Freaks, geeks, nerds, dorks and rejects of WVHS

the Library Monkeys of West Valley High School
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The Many.
The Noisy.
The Popular Because We Say We Are.
The Weird.

We are the current and former Library Monkeys (and friends of Monkeys) of West Valley High School, Fairbanks, Alaska.

Who are the Library Monkeys? We are the freaks, geeks, nerds, dorks, and rejects. We have banded together for protection against the jocks, student council types, and generalized obnoxious people since some unspecified time well before 1994. We take care of our own. We're the dangerous ones who could snap at any moment and pull a Columbine -- but we won't if you'd just leave us alone.

After West Valley was remodeled around 1998-1999, the great place to hang out in front of the library disappeared, and the Monkeys relocated to the nook under the stairs, and have since been termed the "stair-dwellers".

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Maintained and moderated by Former Queen Joanie (azurelunatic), reign 1996-8.

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