Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote in library_monkeys,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Shawn Stories: Squirrel

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wow, you must be ancient!!!!!!!!!!!ahhhhhhhhhhh my sister told me of the library monkeys, but i thought it were an urban ledgend...we now call them the stair dwellers...if you come to west and check it out, theres this cool nook under the stairs that they all chill now, and theres this patition going around (theve always got some petition for me to sign) and can you believe theyve outlawd not only hats and safty pins, but soon trenchs home made clothes with tears and streght jackets and soon west will be more of a fuckin communist sociaty for the preps with all the $
Is 24 ancient?

They remodeled the school the year after I left. There used to be this great place to sit right in front of the library, and we'd all hang there, eat lunch, and make a whole lot of noise. It absolutely sucked when some idiot in the music hall threw cheese, and we got restricted to the cafeteria and old commons for lunch for a couple weeks. (It was about half the size it is now.)

And hats and trenchcoats? That's cold. I would have thrown a bitchfit if I'd had to give up my Purple Hat. (It's fearfully purple, and it's got a rotating collection of buttons on it, most of them terribly obnoxious and funny.)
oh 24 aint that old, thats how old my sister is, and shes cool...Yeah theve outlawed hats last year, and it sucks, i dont even know myself anymore, truly sad...but nobody is a library monkey anymore they are all inducted as stair dwellers, and its all cool...i dont have a place though, so i dont think i would have had a place when you guys were in school...but thats all cool, you should come check out wv sometime, see what its turned into...
Next time I'm in town during the school year, I'll probably drop by. (I'm Outside for college and am staying here for a while. Arizona. Yeah, hot. Yay A/C.)