Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote in library_monkeys,
Azure Jane Lunatic


Welcome to the Library Monkeys' Livejournal center. It's not much, yet, but hey...

I was Queen of the Library Monkeys during the reign of King Shawn. My duties included being nice to people, diplomacy, and keeping the King from doing anything irrevokably idiotic.

May I note that Shawn was more of an idiot in my absence, and could have been a lot worse.

Anyway, welcome. Have fun, don't throw cheese, and make yourselves otherwise at home.
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I to served as an aid to the royal family in the library of New Miami.
My job was to keep the royal computers running and to smoke me a cig whenever the hell I wanted. Im not sure if the king i serve has met your king shawn. Hopefully they havent gone to war. I never want to relive the great book war of 2000.
I doubt it. The only wars we had were internal. Those were unfortunate.
ha ha I know you!!!!! and you know my brother! you thought he had good genetic information ...yeah that was creepy. gimme a buzz..I remember King Shawn...I also remember slapping him for him putting his hand up my shit.
I seriously wonder who didn't slap Shawn.

You heard his wife left him and now he's back in Fairbanks, right?