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Nothing like a good meme: Free Oleg!

Who remembers "Free Oleg"?

There was this guy, Oleg. He came to school with a "Disgruntled Postal Worker" costume -- vest with road flares & wires. This was when it was tasteless but hilarious, pre-Columbine.

The office told him it was tasteless, and to please take it the hell home. He stuffed it in his gym locker & forgot about it. A couple months later someone found it, thought it was a bomb, and a full-fledged bomb scare broke out at -30.

Oleg was suspended for two weeks.

There was one sign on the Fishbowl window recruiting people to come to school with a "Free Oleg!" shirt on for the assembly on a Wednesday.

Somehow, there were at least 100 quarter-sheet signs bearing the logo floating about. Oleg's sentence got busted down to a week...
Tags: 1995, 1996, free oleg
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